Friday, April 6, 2007

Nursery and Roadside Inspiration

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Even though it's supposed to get cold this weekend, I couldn't resist visiting the Red Barn Garden Center to look at their native ornamental trees. I learned today that the old house in the center of the nursery is the Historical Thompson Home built in 1870's.

According to the clipping at the bottom of this article I read today some Red Barn employees claim the area is haunted. I didn't see any ghosts this time, but I did find some lovely roses that the owners had planted on the grounds. I especially liked this one.

Unfortunately, I didn't discover the name of the roses at the center, but Pam at Digging says it's a 'Marie Pavie'. Thanks Pam!

This pink was lovely as well. And it's fragrance is fabulous. Pam says it's 'Belinda's Dream'.

On our way home from my son's school we stopped to take some photos of our neighbor's Texas bluebonnets.

I wonder if my bluebonnets will ever look this good. Luckly there seems to be enough in Austin for everyone to enjoy.

For some reason the song Make Our Garden Grow from the musical Candide was going through my mind as I looked at the bluebonnets. You can listen to the melody here.

Let dreamers dream

What worlds they please

Those Edens can't be found.

The sweetest flowers,

The fairest trees

Are grown in solid ground.

We're neither pure, nor wise, nor good

We'll do the best we know.

We'll build our house and chop our wood

And make our garden grow.
Copyright © 2007-2009. Suburban Wildlife Garden. All Rights Reserved.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Dawn! Welcome to Austin---and, by extension as a new garden blogger, to the group of Austin garden bloggers. Now there are 7 of us.

I think your Red Barn roses are 'Marie Pavie' (the white one with pale-pink buds) and 'Belinda's Dream' (the medium pink one that's so fragrant).

I look forward to seeing your garden grow.

Susan said...

Hey Dawn --

Susan here, from South of the River (which I am blown away to see linked to in your sidebar; pretty cool). Welcome to the Austin garden blogging community. I got the e-mail from Pam/Digging just now, which led me to your sight (I was cc:ed on the e-mail she sent you).

It's great to see another garden blog in Austin. I've enjoyed getting to know the other Austin bloggers and hope you'll join us on our garden tour.

Annie in Austin (from The Transplantable Rose) was the first person to comment on my blog, back in September 2006, and I was astonished to find myself part of a community.


Dawn said...


Thank you for your kind welcome, your invitation and for the names of the roses! I love your Digging blog and am very excited to be included in your Austin garden blogger group! I'm happy to learn more about gardening in Central Texas from all of you.


Thanks for your welcome, too, Susan. Annie was the first to post on my blog as well. :-) I really enjoy your writing and images. Your new close-up photos are terrific. I see I've a lot to learn from you ladies about photography as well as gardening.

It's a honor to be invited to a gardening function with you ladies so quickly. You're all very kind. I really look forward to meeting all of you at the garden tour.