Thursday, April 5, 2007

Container Water Garden

Since we live on a limestone hill I decided not to try digging a fish pond right away. Instead I thought our tiny patio could use a container water garden.

I found the urn at my latest trip to Hill Country Water Gardens.

It was the right size for my patio, but too big to fit in my car, so they delivered it the next day. I chose a small, pink-flowering water lily, variegated rush, pickeral and parrot's feather. You can see the fish food flakes on the water my son tried to feed the goldfish this morning.

The bottom of the urn is relatively small. Instead of stacking bricks for the marginal plants to sit on we fashioned wire hangers to keep them at the right height.

We also have a couple of small birdbaths in the back yard. This hanging dish is one of my favorites, though I'm not sure if the birds like it as well as I do.

Of coures, if you want to see beautiful water gardens you must visit Zilker Park's Isamu Taniguchi Oriental Garden in Austin:

Pond with Koi and Wisteria


Annie in Austin said...

Dawn, the container garden pond looks perfect on your patio, and whether or not the birds approve of the hanging dish, I sure like it!

How exciting to see a garden blog from the edge of the Canyonlands - that was part of the view from my former deck. I bet you'll get some great bird photos there.

Thank you for linking to me - next time I logon you'll be on my sidebar.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Dawn said...

Hi Annie!

Wow! You're my first comment. Thank you! :-)

My garden is very bare and humble at this point -- sort of like my blog lol! -- but you're right, I do get a surprising amount of birds this close to the Preserve. One of my favorite species is the Painted Bunting. I need to get a better camera with a zoom lense so I can share the photos with everyone.

My flat of Dianthus are calling to me so I'd better go plant them before it gets dark. Thanks again for responding.

Dawn in NW Austin

Ziggywigs said...

I am truly inspired by your water pots...i've been trying to think of ways of incorporating water in my garden without building a pond and your idea seems the perfect way. Enjoyed your blog immensely.

Dawn said...

Hi ziggywigs!

Thanks for posting all the way from The Highlands of Scotland! :-)

I do enjoy the new container water garden here, but need to come up with a warmer solution for our cold-snaps (which are nothing compared to the cold weather in your area). You might need to bring your container water garden inside during the winter...or drain the urn and bring the fish & plants in perhaps.

Let me know what you decide to do. I'd love to see your finished project. And thanks again for stopping by.