Thursday, February 9, 2017

Plant Marker Project

I finally finished a batch of herb markers that look half-way decent. I used rubber stamp letters on over-baked clay. They are not perfect, but they're cute enough for my container herb garden this spring.

The process was pretty easy. I used a terra-cotta color of 'Sculpey' oven-bake clay and some little wood stamps to crete the letter impressions.

Rolled 1-1/4 inch balls into 5-1/2 inch 'snakes'. Put a chopstick on each side of the snake before rolling them so they stayed about 1/4 inch thick.

I cut a pointed wedge end on each marker, then stamped the letters. I cooked them at 275 degrees F for 15 minutes. 

I plan to make some more so I'll have a marker in every slot in my herb pot this year. Here's a photo from 2016 of the herbs I planted in a strawberry pot.

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