Sunday, August 10, 2008

There and Back Again

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Sorry for the delay in announcement, but things have been extremely busy here. I'm happy to say that my son's surgery was a success. We're back home from the hospital and he's recovering well. His curvature was corrected from 69 degrees to 15 degrees, which is excellent. He had some rough times at the hospital, but he was very brave.

I was amazed at what he endured really. Now we're very glad he's home and mending well. I'm still watching over him most nights until he can be more independent, but he's getting stronger each day.

Thanks to all of you for your kind words and good wishes. It's meant a great deal to me. Here you can see some photos of the gardens at Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas.

Below are two photos of a chef picking herbs in the kitchen garden at Dell.

They really take the time to pick the herbs each day. It's amazing what work and detail they put into each task.

Now if only the nurses had ever changed the sheets on my son's bed....but that's another story. Thank goodness we had a fantastic surgeon at least. Hurrah for Dr. Jay Shapiro. He is our hero!
"In nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giving health to men." ~Cicero
Copyright © 2007-2008. Suburban Wildlife Garden. All Rights Reserved.


Anonymous said...

Your son is brave indeed. I'm so glad that his surgery was successful and that he's already regaining his strength at home.

How lovely that they have a garden at the hospital. Do all the rooms overlook it? I imagine that peaceful scene aids in recovery.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that all went well with the surgery. It must have been soothing to have had such a lovely garden to pace around when you were walking the halls with worry.

Cindy, MCOK said...

I'm so glad that the surgery was a success and your son is on the mend. I know y'all still have a ways to go but it sounds like he's well on his way to recovery. How nice it must have been to have those beautiful gardens to visit at the hospital. I'm sure they were a balm to your spirit. Take care of yourself, as well as the boy, and know that your fellow gardeners are thinking of y'all.

a said...

Sending you best wishes as your son recovers!

Dawn said...

Dear Pam
Thank you. My son's room did not over-look the gardens, but some probably did. There are many gardens at Dell and they are lovely and comforting indeed. I saw several children playing in the water gardens. It seemed a nice passtime for them while they healed. My son wasn't well enough to visit the gardens, unfortunately. Maybe he'll see them someday. Though I doubt he'll want to go back there again.

Thank You MSS
Yes, I especially enjoyed the waterfalls on the far side of the cafeteria. They were lovely.
There's no place like home, though.

Many thanks, Cindy Mcok
Gardens are indeed a blessing. I'm glad the people at Dell have added them to their design of the hospital. They still have a few wrinkles to iron out, as it were, at this new hospital, but hopefully someday it will be as perfect inside as it is out. ;-)

Thanks arythrina
We're grateful for each day he improves.

With Friendship & Appreciation,

Libbys Blog said...

So glad to hear all went well, what a relief to all be back at home and in your own beds! Hope the recovery continues well!

Mother Nature said...

A garden is such a welcome relief in a place where so many are psychologically weary. I'm so happy for you and your son. I'm wishing you continued success.

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

I am so happy to hear that your son's surgery went so well. Hopefully, his recovery will be much easier now that he is at home. I imagine your whole family is resting easier.

Your pictures of Dell Children's Hospital were wonderful. It is a sad commentary that a patient has to have family members with them to ensure they get the care needed, but thankfully, you were there.

paris parfait said...

Oh my goodness, I was traveling and haven't visited in a while - I had no idea about the troubles your son has gone through! So glad he's home and on the mend. Best wishes to you all. xo

Bob said...

So good to hear he's better. Maybe back to little boy stuff again soon. Maybe another trip to the beach or the lake. Hopefully nothing will hold him back now. Tell him we are all rooting for him to get better fast.

Annie in Austin said...

No matter how beautiful the place, you want to leave as fast as you can. I hope the past week has brought many triumphs as your son learns how to use his reshaped bones. The correction percentage is impressive!

When my sons were teenagers it seemed that each time their feet went up a shoe size they had to make adjustments for climbing stairs as they found the edges of their bodies again. I imagine the learning process must be many times that for your son?

The best of luck to all of you and happy healing.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Anonymous said...

Spending the day reading gardening blogs and found yours. Glad your son is doing better now.

spookydragonfly said...

I am so happy to read of your sons' surgery success...My brother has endured severe double curvature of the spine since he was 4, and a tumor in his spinal cord(and slowly spreading)he's 51 now, had a hard, but successful life...many surgeries and chemo..unfortunately he's on complete disability now...didn't have the same medical advances back then..and they can't touch the tumor because of the am truly happy to hear your son is doing so well!!! God bless him!!

A wildlife gardener said...

Now, that's what I call answered prayer, Dawn. How absolutely wonderful :)

I hope your son will go from strength to strength...'every day in every way, I'm getting better and better... :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am happy to hear that your son's surgery went so well. It is always scary and especially when something like this is involved. Many blessings to your family, Andrea

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It has been proven that you heal faster when at home. I am so happy for you both that he came through the surgery with success. He is a brave boy and will grow up to be strong no doubt. Continued success...

Dawn said...

Hi Libby!
It was indeed a relief to be back home. He did much better here than he did at the hospital.

Dear Mother Nature,
Yes, it's very good of them to add the gardens to their facilities. I was grateful for those at least.

Hello Morning Glories in Round Rock
I'd recommend that someone be at a child's side every moment possible in a hospital (that probably goes for anyone nowadays). I dread to think if I hadn't been there in several instances.

Bonjour Paris Parfait!
Sorry it's been so long since I've visited your lovely site as well. Thank you for stopping by & for your kind words. :-)

Hi Bob!
He's doing so much better, thanks! Hopefully the beach will be in the cards for us this coming summer...if there *is* a Texas beach to visit, but that's a different problem.

Thanks Annie
The hardest size adjustment for him has been getting in and out of the car. He doesn't bend like he used to, so he has to really think about leaning over at the waist so he doesn't hit his head. Otherwise, all is well. He certainly likes having a straight back and being taller.

Welcome PlantBuddy,
Thanks! He's doing very well.

Dear spookydragonfly,
I'm sorry that your brother has endure so much. As hard as it was, my son was fortunate that his curvature could be corrected with surgery. I wish you and your brother the best.

Thanks wildlife gardener
I can be nothing but pleased at this point, I admit it.

Hello Andrea!
Thank you! I'm very glad the surgery is over.

Dear Lisa at Greenbow,
He started healing better from the moment they said he could go home. You're right, he did very well and was quite brave. I'm so proud of him.

Thanks to all of you for your kindness and friendship.