Thursday, June 21, 2007

Here be Dragons

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Well, not dragons exactly, but lizards of respectable size. One frequent visitor to my garden is this Texas Spiny Lizard (Sceloporus olivaceus).

He's a bit longer and plumper around the belly than the anoles that I was accustomed to seeing in Florida. These Texas Spiny Lizards are much faster moving as well. Once I shot the photo below he panicked and took off so quickly I lost him in the bushes.

The weather has been very mild here for Central Texas this time of year. We've had a lot of rain, which I love. Hopefully the Edwards Aquifer and Lake Travis will fill up nicely.

Now that I'm feeling better I'm taking walks again. I've enjoyed the purple blooms of the Vitex (Vitex agnus-castus) trees in my neighborhood.

I'd plant a vitex, but seem to recall someone telling me they are invasive. Must look that up. I'd prefer to add more native plants to my property that will attract the local birds, mammals and even more lizards like my little friend above.

Somehow all this lizard talk makes me think of that silly bumper-sticker..."Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy, and taste good with ketchup."

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Copyright © 2007-2009. Suburban Wildlife Garden. All Rights Reserved.


Annie in Austin said...

Your dragon quote is adorable, Dawn - I only see the anoles and the small snakes [maybe Texas Brown snakes?] at this house, along with a few toads. The last house on the canyon did have spiny lizards, a few rattlesnake skins around and one ringtail sighting so you might get lucky.

In your last post you had a mystery plant... it's hard to tell from the photo whether it has long runners... Ruellia spreads like mad but if there are runners it might be Vinca major.

I've been gone for a couple of weeks - didn't realize you were not well - hope you're doing okay now and enjoying the summer.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Sanna Tallgren said...

My godness, your garden has some interesting visitors! Here we have only hedgehocks, squirrels ang birds... I´m very happy about the lack of reptiles. In Finland we have only one poison snake, the adder. And ofcourse frogs and small lizards. I´m not happy about people killig reptiles, but it would take some time for me to get used to visitors like that. Beautiful they are, I admit :)

Dawn said...

Hi Annie!

Hope you had a nice trip up north. I'm feeling much better, thanks. Just a couple more tests, then hopefully I'm finished with doctors for a long while.

How cool that you have toads in your garden. I'm still working on creating a diverse enough environment for frogs and toads.

And I'd love to see a ringtail! Maybe someday. Did you see yours at night? I'm told they like persimmon trees.

Do you think I should dispose of the Ruellia? I don't want anything that's too invasive.

Hi Sanni!

I agree that it's hard to overcome fear of snakes. I wouldn't want to come upon any poisonous snake unaware. That would not be a fun surprise.

How lucky that you have hedgehogs in your garden. I think they are adorable! Too bad they don't live in North America.

Happy Gardening!

Anonymous said...

Nice dragon in your garden! My garden don't have such beautiful creature... Your garden is so beautiful... Hope to see your updated soon.

Dawn said...

Thanks Aloy!

I hope to update this week with some more photos. Hope you're enjoying your garden no matter how big or small.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Dawn. I'm back from a long vacation and enjoying catching up with everyone's posts. Your wildlife pics are always so good, and your hummingbird and "dragon" photos don't disappoint!

Dawn said...

Hey Pam!

Welcome home from your vacation. I hope you had a splendid trip and will share a lot of photos with us on your blog. From what I read it sounds like you were going to have quite an adventure. I can't wait to read about it. :-)

Take care,

Ewa said...

Hello Dawn,
Your garden visitors make me feel respect. wow... they are pretty big... had no idea it's possible to see a dragon in the garden nowadays...

Dawn said...

Hello Ewa!

Thank you for dropping by my blog. We are lucky the dragons here are very small. ;-)