Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lunch on Lady Bird Lake

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We had a nice Valentine's Day here in Austin, Texas last weekend. The weather was mild enough on the 14th that we went to the Hyatt for lunch then took a little stroll on Lady Bird Lake. My son was impressed by the views from the hotel's restaurant. He enjoyed watching the swans swimming by the docks...

The cabbages and kale gave the beds a touch of color along the pathways...

The weather was a bit crisp, but soon Spring flowers will fill the beds again.

Still, it was a perfect day to discover Mother Nature, and the sun, anew.

I hope you are finding joy in your garden.

"A lake is the landscape's most beautiful and expressive feature.
It is Earth's eye; looking into which the beholder measures
the depth of his own nature."

from the chapter "The Ponds" in
Walden, by Henry David Thoreau

Copyright @ 2007-2010. Suburban Wildlife Garden. All Rights Reserved.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

All I am finding in my garden is snow right now. As you said though it will soon have flowers...I hope.

Dawn said...

Hi Lisa,

Spring will lift your flowers up again before you know it.
Now here's my confession: If my birds weren't visiting my feeders my garden wouldn't be very interesting right now and I don't even have snow. Though this weird winter isn't over yet, so Austin might still get some white stuff.

Stay Warm!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, don't you love our lake in the middle of town? Walking around it in the spring when the redbuds and bluebonnets are in bloom is so amazing. Great photos!

Diana said...

Dawn -- sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day. I love your photos of the Kale - it is so bright on a winter's day. It was great being outside yesterday, too. Makes me itch to get in the garden.

Dawn said...

Thanks Robin,
You're so right. Lady Bird Lake really is one of Austin's jewels. We enjoy watching the bats come out at night from under the Congress Bridge above the lake as well. Though, they aren't quite as fragrant as the flowers. ;-)

Hi Diana,
The northerner in me is still surprised by any outdoor color this time of year. Like you, it does make me want to go out into my garden...especially once the cedar pollen has disappeared.
BTW, Congrats again on your Garden being Toured on Central Texas Gardener, Diana. I hope everyone takes the time to check out your blog entry if they haven't seen it already. :-)

Happy Gardening,

Lancashire rose said...

What is more fun than walking around the lake? Having lunch on the lake. Lucky you. When we first came at Austin we stayed at the Hyatt. I remember having dinner up in the restaurant at the top and waiting for the bats to fly. We never saw them because you need to be on the other side of the lake for the view. We walk round the lake every weekend and love every minute of it.

Sarah Hurwitz said...


Strange request!? I can't find a way to email you privately so this will have to do. I lovvveee your smith and hawken wardian case (

old link. I have a turtle and I have been searching for years (he is now 20 going on 80) for a wardian case that would be big enough to hold him, and still pretty. would you consider selling it? Or any ideas (the ones on h. potter seem to be too small). Thanks!

-sarah hurwitz

Dawn said...

Hello Jenny,
Serendipity! We stayed at the Hyatt when we first came to Austin & were looking at houses when we moved here in 1989. We moved to Florida 20 months later, but always remembered our stay there; especially the lake. You're right, the bats do fly the other way. Our favorite place to watch them now is from the TGI Friday's at the Radisson Hotel.

Hi Sarah,
Sadly, Smith & Hawken has closed, but there are other places to get larger wardian cases than the mine (which are no larger than those on H. Potter I'm afraid).

You can find cases here:
and there are several on Also, has a couple under Plant Terrariums as well.

I hope you can locate a case that is large enough for your needs. Good luck to you and your turtle. 20 years is impressive!


Annie in Austin said...

What a fun way to spend Valentine's day, Dawn... and I like the views you show. The lake must moderate the temperatures, though ... all my flowering kale froze & died when we had the cold spell in January.


Kimberly said...

Beautiful garden and pond, right in the heart of the city! Looks like it's a popular spot and a lovely place to spend the day.