Monday, January 12, 2009

Warm Indoor Plants on a Cold Winter's Day

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I received a beautiful live plant arrangement from a friend for Christmas this year. It includes a begonia, a bromeliad and what I was told is a terrestrial orchid with yellow flowers (is that right?). I know how to care of the first two plants, but must find out what exactly I'm to do with the last. I'd prefer not to kill it.

The hydroponics herb garden that I'd received for my birthday last May is still doing well. The only plants that are starting to give up are the chives. I think the other herbs would keep growing until Doomsday as long as I provide them with water and fertilizer.

As you can see my banished poinsettias are benefiting from the hydroponics’ light as well.

Which are your favorite indoor plants at your house? I always enjoy Rosamunde Pilcher's description of plants in her books...

"There was a huge window with a view of the sea, its deep sill crowded with indoor plants – geraniums and ivy and a Victorian jug full of pink roses." ~from 'Another View' by Rosamunde Pilcher

Copyright © 2007-2009. Suburban Wildlife Garden. All Rights Reserved.


arythrina said...

The orchid looks like a cymbidium, if that helps you google the cultural conditions it prefers!

Dawn said...

Welcome arythrina,

Thanks for letting me know the name of my new orchid. I've looked up some info and found how often to water and feed it. :-)


Annie in Austin said...

Hi Dawn,

Your orchid, begonia & bromeliad look lovely - hope you can find out what their needs are.

Are all three planted into one container or are their roots in separate pots? Last year I got a big mixed planter. Some plants wanted drier soil with sharp drainage, some wanted to be damp. I couldn't keep a balance and lost half the plants. But what's left looks pretty good.

Have you been using the basil and parsley to cook with or enjoying them as houseplants?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Dawn said...

Hi Annie!

Hope you're doing well.

After arythrina kindly told me the name of the orchid, I went to the Cymbidium Society of America and found lots of info on the care of these beautiful plants. So hopefully I won't murder mine. LOL!

The orchid, begonia & bromeliad are all potted in separate plastic containers that are sunk in the bamboo planter & surrounded by Spanish Moss. It's pretty, but needs to drain & dry when I water it. Once the begonia starts to fade I'll repot each plant in its own container. I hope to find something appropriately Victorian for the orchid. :-)

I have cooked with all the herbs in my hydroponics garden. My favorites are the basil & parsley (as you mentioned) as well as the light-green oregano. I want to transplant everything into my garden this Spring and restart a different hydroponics garden just for fun.

Happy Gardening!

Libby said...

My neighbour grows orchids, I would love to but not sure I have a suitable window sill!
Currently my favourite plants are anything with a bit of colour so poinsettia and cyclamen!

A wildlife gardener said...

Happy New Year, Dawn..blessings to you and yours :)

Enjoyed your post and your lovely photos too. I like orchids for their beauty; because I can't grow them in my garden (apart from the little wild, purple orchid); and because they stay in flower for weeks on end.

In spring I love to have tulips indoors. I love their candelabra ways, moving up and down each day. Do they count, as they are cut flowers?

I also love my peace-lilies :)

My friend, Shirl, is doing a Desert Island Plant Challenge on Thursday. The idea is, you choose three plants you couldn't live without on your desert island. Fancy joining in the fun? Here is her link.

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Hi Dawn! I was reading your posts on the container water garden. So pretty! How did you learn the ins/outs of putting one together, maintaining it, etc etc. How does it do during these cold winter months? (Well, cold MOST of the time...I live in the Tx Hill Country). Thanks!

Alan said...

I like your The hydroponics garden. I was thinking of getting one myself. Can you plant your own herb seed in it or do you have to order the plugs from the company?

Momma Bear said...

just found your blog-excited to see more!
Take Care.

Dawn said...

Hi Libby!
I love cyclamen, but cannot seem to keep them alive. I will have to check out your blog again to perhaps learn your secrets to success.

Hello Wildlife Gardener,
I'm impressed that you have "a little wild, purple orchid" growing in your garden. I've never had an outdoor orchid before. And yes I do believe your tulips count, whether they are cut or not. :-)
Hey, you and I are both peace-lily lovers. It's one of the only inside plants I'm really great at growing. Plus it always makes me think of the film "Hot Fuzz" and then I smile.
Thank you for letting me know about your friend's Desert Island Plant Challenge. I was happy to participate.

Welcome Sheryl Smith-Rodgers,
I grew up with in-ground fish ponds, so I suppose I learned a lot about that sort from my mother. To be really successful you will need a good quality heater for your container water garden in the winter; at least here in Austin. I bought my large pottery container and an excellent winter heater at Hill Country Gardens in Cedar Park, Texas, (just north of Austin's Lakeline Mall). Since you live in the area they can help you with any questions you may have. My fish have flourished this year and even had fry!

Hi Alan,
I'm not sure if you can buy unplanted plugs or not. The nature of this hydroponics system sort of lends itself to buying their products, but I suppose you could replant the plastic plugs if you really wanted to be creative.

Dear Momma Bear
I hope you're doing well. Thanks for dropping by. :-)

Happy Gardening!